Are you getting enough digital traffic

Are you getting enough digital traffic – Sell where your target audience shops

As an example of this change in automotive marketing, traditional advertising, including radio spots, TV ads, and billboard marketing, generates just $1,7024 in profit per vehicle sold. Digital marketing, on the other hand, generates nearly double that amount, at $2,514 per vehicle sold.

It goes without saying that dealerships need to constantly adjust their digital marketing. But, as with anything new (or anything that changes as rapidly as technology), dealership leaders and team members naturally have lots of questions.

This guide will help you ask – and answer – key questions about digital marketing in the automotive industry, including: how to define your marketing priorities for the digital-first era; how to identify the most productive, efficient ways of finding new leads; and how to overcome challenges in a new era of digital marketing.

As you review the budget, allocation and performance of your own digital marketing strategy, ask the following key questions.

Today’s consumers are online, at least for some part of the buying journey. When it comes to buying a car, they’re looking at local inventory, researching options, comparing colors, and trying to find the perfect car for the perfect price. They’re also looking for the right dealership. In fact, car buyers spend an average of 14 hours online5 during their search—that’s a lot of time and a lot of opportunity to drive traffic to your website.

As with anything else online, car buyers use search engines to find what they’re looking for. They input terms that may range broadly, from vehicle type—”new sedan”—to a more detailed query for the make and model of a car—”2021 Honda Civic blue.”

With consumers increasingly finding user- friendly paths to the information they need, more know exactly what they want from their next vehicle and how much they’re willing to pay for it. While some in-market car shoppers will save their questions for your sales team, more are trying to learn everything they can online; they’re searching for cars with good gas mileage, cars that perform well in various weather conditions, or cars that connect with their technology. And if your dealership’s website doesn’t address or answer these questions, would- be customers may pass you by.

Stand out in a crowd of competition.

Your dealership may have a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy designed to increase visibility from relevant searches. But so does every other dealership. What are you doing that sets you apart from your competition? And, how do you stand out from the crowd, so that customers choose your dealership over dozens, sometimes hundreds or even thousands of different options available on the world wide web?

If you’re aiming to just keep up with your competition, chances are your website is getting lost in the shuffle and you’re limiting
your opportunity to drive traffic to your dealership’s website.

Optimize your SEO strategy.

If you get the feeling that your dealership isn’t getting enough digital traffic, it may be time to adjust your SEO strategy. To ensure your inventory and dealership services consistently reach likely buyers browsing search engines, your SEO strategy must be optimized for local reach.

Your specific content strategy will vary, depending on your specific goals. It may include custom content designed to help connect you with local buyers such as blog posts, news articles, new make/model pages, and more. This approach is proven to elevate performance across your digital strategy with higher organic rankings, increased website traffic, and more leads from qualified visitors.

You may also consider partnering with a proven team (comprised of knowledgeable copywriters, strategists, and SEO specialists) to enhance your site’s overall visibility. This method of outsourcing SEO can be highly effective. In fact, after one year of running a leading premium SEO service, dealers experienced an average of:6

  •  30% more website visits
  • 52% more VDP views
  • 59% more phone leads
  • 14% more form leads


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